December 2013
To Whom it May Concern:

I contacted Jason when I had to sell our family home (since 1955) after my mother’s death. I knew he had been farming this Sunset district neighborhood for years and was quite familiar with it. Upon meeting him, I found he was also relaxed, yet confident, honest and straightforward, and had a wealth of information not only about the neighborhood, but services and contacts I would need to clean out the house and complete this sale. Being a licensed Real Estate Broker (who sold homes a long time ago and in another area of California), as well as currently living 85 miles away, I knew this was something I was not going to do myself, but I understood the process. I was so impressed by the way Jason handled everything from the inspections to cleaning, painting, and refinishing the floors, to staging the home, without me even having to be present! What a lot of time and energy he saved me. And he did it all pleasantly and punctually, keeping me informed at every step. His marketing approach was tried and true and resulted in multiple offers. When it came time to look at the offers, we went through them together, and the resulting sale was quite a bit over the listing price. 

If you’re looking for a competent and seasoned professional in this area, look no further than Jason Chan. He’s an excellent communicator and always did just what he said he would do. He went above and beyond what many agents would do, and he was a pleasure to work with. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Jason to take care of your real estate needs.

Patricia Jackson
(formerly of)1754-26th Avenue
San Francisco

My family of four interviewed several realtors before putting our Sunset/Parkside home on the market. We all voted for Jason Chan: he knew our neighborhood's market inside and out, backwards and forwards. He impressed us with his proven track record, strategic capabilities, and professional demeanor. And on top of all that, he is simply a very likeable guy.

Jason guided us throughout the process with the utmost of patience, understanding, and kindness. He connected us with on-the-ball workers to transform the house in preparation for the sale. He was extremely quick in responding to our many questions and we always felt that he gave us good, sound advice. In the end, his marketing expertise and hard work got us a sales price higher than we expected. 

We are very grateful to have met Jason and to have him sell our home for us. If you are looking for a trustworthy realtor with a solid gold work ethic and a sparkling personality, Jason is your man.

Donna Ashizawa
2500 35th Avenue
San Francisco, CA  94116

Hi Jason,

 I just wanted to thank you so much for the hassle-free process that you took total charge of in the selling of our mother’s home.  You were forthright and honest in your conversations with us and guided us very skillfully through the improvements we made to the home prior to listing and in fact, handled the whole project for us in a very efficient manner.  We couldn’t be happier with the result and attribute it to your terrific participation throughout.  Thanks again for the great job and your wonderful customer service.

 Steele Davidoff

1975-41st Avenue, San Francisco


Dear Jason,

Thank you for helping us in the listing and selling of our family home in San Francisco.  I marvel at the ability to transact all the details electronically.  Your knowledge and skill helped every step of the way.  What really sets you apart though, is the customer service you provide.  You kept us up to date throughout the process, let us know what to expect and made the whole process easy for us even though we were in Sacramento.  It was a pleasure to do business with you.

LaVerne Gilbert
50 Taraval Street, San Francisco

Hi Jason,


A short note is not enough  to say THANK YOU for your good job!  It is truth that the Chinese Zodiac showed me that I will have good luck in the Year of Tiger because I could find someone like you as my Realtor Broker to represent me and my wife to sell our house.    This is our first time selling a house, you were so kind and patient in explaining the whole process to us and guiding us all the way through.   You were always responsive with the information we wanted to know and you never failed to call us back for any call that you might have missed.  We didn’t expect that we could complete the whole process in about a month’s time starting from signing the contract all the way through garage sale, beautifying and staging the house…… to escrow closing at a price sold well above our expectation.  We also want to express our thanks and appreciation for your help in organizing the garage sale for us,  like posting in the Craigslist, moving all stuffs from upstairs down to the garage and spending the whole morning with us on that day.  We didn’t expect you would do this for us in the process while what you did is so initiative.  It is also beyond our expectation that we could sell most of the old furniture and all other garage sale items including hundreds of orchids in our backyard only in one day.  It is really hard to find someone like you who can provide such a good service.  As my wife said to you after the escrow closing, you really deserved for the commission that my wife and I are so glad to pay! 


Thank you again.


Yin & Fanny Yeung
1514 26th Avenue, San Francisco

I was on point to sell my mother's house that she and my father
purchased back in 1971. Fast forward 42 years later, my mother passed
away and I needed to sell the property. On a friend's recommendation, I
connected with Jason Chan.

Jason is the expert on the market; he had proven to me that he knows the
pulse of the buyers in the area: what they are looking for, what their
histories and tastes are, etc.

I gave Jason the task of selling the house, allowing him to work his
magic, and the results were quick and amazing! Jason basically took the
ball and ran with it: he did all of the marketing, prepped the house for
sale, arranging for all of the work that the house so desperately needed
(painting, re-flooring, and all other changes that were needed to sell
the house), and, after the first open house Sunday when 200 people
walked through the property, through his awesome marketing and sales
skills, he was able to find me several offers the following week after
the open house. And the sale closed very soon thereafter.

I was a novice in this process, and he patiently guided me through all
of the prep work, paper work, and also kept me mostly sane throughout
all of it! He was very easy to work with and was very open and honest
with all of the questions I had, and, given that this was the first time
I ever went through this process, I had a lot of questions and concerns!

Thanks to Jason, the house sold at an excellent price and within a very
short amount of time. He more than exceeded my expectations!
1771 20th Ave, San Francisco
Wow! Hard to believe it's all over and done with, and that we had such an incredibly great outcome! We really appreciated the opportunity to work with you, Jason! We don't have enough kind words to say about you, to the point where you'd probably be embarrassed to hear us sing your praises :-)!

Thank you very much! And best wishes as you continue on in this crazy real estate season!

1247-49 17th Ave, San Francisco

Hi Jason,
We thought moving was going to be stressful. We also thought selling our 1-bedroom San Francisco house was going to be difficult. We were wrong on both counts.

We contacted Jason
when we were first considering selling a year ago. He walked through our home and was very detailed and thorough in explaining the whole process. He was also straightforward in telling us that it wasn't an optimum time for us to sell. He was kind and didn't give us any false promises or hopes, and said he'd keep in touch.

Flash forward a little less than a year later and Jason kept to his promise to keep in touch and called us out of the blue. He was fairly certain that if we listed immediately we could not only meet our target price, but we would probably well exceed it. After multiple offers, we well exceeded all of our wildest dreams in the sales price and also the terms of the sale. Jason made the whole process very easy and stress free. He has great follow through, is very communicative, a smooth negotiator, punctual, seasoned, a great salesman, and has a joy for what he does. We're so happy he represented us. We wouldn't have had it any other way.

Thanks, Jason!

Trini and Kim
3114 Kirkham St, San Francisco


Hi Jason,

We can not be more pleased with the whole sales process. Thank you for the inputs on making our house more presentable to potential buyers. We are especially thankful on how easy you made it for us! We look forward to working with you soon!
Yvette Wong
1955 22nd Ave, San Francisco
Dear Jason,

We just want to express our thanks in your expertise in the sale of our mother's house.  It went very smoothly with hardly any glitches.  Your marketing strategy, presentation of the house, combined with luck & timing were very effective.  Best to you and hope to keep in touch.

Janet, Judy, & June
2273 17th Avenue, San Francisco
Dear Jason:
 Permit me to express my gratitude.  Thank you for your knowledge of the Sunset.  Thank you for your skill in timing the sale.  Thank you for the depth of your knowledge of the real estate business.  Thank you for telling us which improvements would be worth the cost.  Thank you for always being available.  Thank you for leading me, and old man, through the complicated and dangerous business of selling a house.  Thank you!  Thank you!
John Finbarr Hayes
1261 32nd Avenue, San Francisco

Hello Jason,
Just wanted to say "You're Welcome" and to thank you for all the effort you've put into getting our house sold.  You've been so competent and always right there when we needed you.  I knew from the first time we met that you were the "right" realtor for us.  I really appreciate the extra mile you've gone every time we've asked you for something we needed help with.  You will be highly recommended to our friends and family when it's time for them to buy or sell their houses.  The best to you and your family.
Sean and Christina Loughran

Thanks Jason.  We enjoyed working with you, and we are very pleased with how you handled the transaction and how smoothly things went.
Best regards,
1607 35th Avenue, San Francisco

"We worked with Jason on the sale of our home in the Sunset and were extremely pleased with his professionalism, communication, and follow through in helping us close the sale.  In an extremely tough seller's market, Jason was up to the challenge.  We chose him to represent us based on his knowledge of the market and his successful sales record.  We were not disappointed.  I would highly recommend Jason to one and all."

Sam Chan
2167 32nd Avenue, San Francisco

Great Marketing! Jason, you are going to be the best agent in the Sunset/Parkside for 2010, making it 4 consecutive years. I not only recommend you but look forward to working with you in the future. 

Michael Asahina
844 Santiago Street, San Francisco
We are so appreciative of the way our home sale was handled by Mr. Jason Chan.  He made this long distance transaction go by smoothly, with no stress on us at all.  Imagine handling all the details of our sale without a hitch.....

Jack & Corinna Salonisen
150 Merced Avenue, San Francisco
Hi Jason,

Thank you so much for all you did. You are so patient and kind. 

Christine Cavallini
1220 30th Avenue, San Francisco


You made it happened, Jason !!! Thank you very much for everything. We enjoy your friendship. We are much impressed by your professional attitude and work efficiency. We have had a most pleasant experience in the sale of our house. Your work is deeply apprecaited. We look forward to working with you again on our rental house. 
BTW, we just took care of the closing of utilities on the house. So thoughtful of you to remind us......
Vivian & Roger Wong
2638 25th Avenue, San Francisco
Hi Jason,
Happy New Year!We've just came back from Reno. Thank you for your wonderful service and I am happy with the sales price! Any realty sales in the future I will still give you a call first!
Rex Liu
2315 26th Avenue, San Francisco

Dear Jason Chan,
     You were amazing!  We would like to sincerely thank you for all your help in finding us the perfect home for our family.  From the very first day we met, we were very impressed with your comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market and your excellent customer service.  You were always there to answer all of our questions and concerns.  In addition, you took the time to educate us about the real estate market and prepared us to make one of the biggest purchases in our life.  Moreover, we were extremely impressed with your high quality customer service you provided us by walking us through every step of the process, especially during the last minute problems with the mortgage company.  This truly assured us that you were working in our best interest, which personalized the entire experience. 
     It has been a great pleasure having you represent us during all phases of our real estate transaction.  We are forever grateful and would like to express our deepest appreciation for your high caliber service.  You have definitely won our business for any future real estate purchases and/or sales.  Thank you very much for a great experience!
Ed & LeeAnne Huang


Thank you for doing such an outstanding job selling Mom's house.  You went above and beyond to help my sister and myself, and all of your hard work is greatly appreciated.  Without a doubt if anyone I know is looking to sell a house, your name will be first on the list.  Thanks again and stay in-touch!

Bob Plevin
3130 Ortega Street, San Francisco
Jason Chan
Jason Chan
45 West Portal Avenue San Francisco CA 94127